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Honor Code and Cheating Policy

Honor Code and Cheating Policy

At Mount Airy High School cheating is not allowed in any class at any time for any reason.  It is not allowed on tests, class assignments, projects, homework … it is not allowed on any work in this high school.

Plagiarism is never allowed.  Plagiarism is “stealing or passing off the ideas or words of another as one’s own or to quote someone directly and exactly without crediting the source” (Webster’s Collegiate, 10th edition).  In other words, if you copy the work of a fellow student, a magazine article writer, a book author, or a newsman’s report on television, and do not explain in your assignment that you are using someone else’s words, you are committing plagiarism.  Plagiarism is illegal under United States Copyright Law.

In many classes, there are more rules about cheating.  The teacher in each of your classes will explain what constitutes cheating in his or her class.

If you cheat in this school, you will be sent to the Principal or Assistant Principal for discipline.  The normal punishment for cheating is a grade of zero for the work you cheated on and a day of ALP.  If you are caught cheating a second time, even if it is in a different classroom, you will get a zero and more days of ALP.

The awarding of Academic Letters and National Honor Society nominations at this school will be decided after discipline records have been checked.  If you have been punished for an offense outlined in this Honor Code or the MACS Discipline Policy, you will not receive the award or be nominated – even if your grade point average is high enough for the award and/or society.  Each year, students have the opportunity to begin with a clean slate and prove that they will behave with honor in their class work and school behavior.  A student who was not given an Academic Letter or nominated for NHS in one year may become eligible in the nest year if their grades and behavior are in line with this Honor Code.


Mount Airy High School Cheating Policy

  1. All teachers will develop and post a cheating policy for their individual classes.It will clearly define what constitutes cheating in their classes.  Teacher’s classroom policies will not include disciplinary action – that will be handled by the Assistant Principal.  A copy of each teacher policy will be given to the Assistant Principal.
  2. Each instance of cheating will be documented with the standard “Disciplinary Referral” form.The cheating episode will be described on the form or on a note attached to the form.  The form will be given to the Assistant Principal who will then assign the punishment. 
  3. The standard punishment will be a zero on the assignment and one day of ALP the first day of cheating.Repeated zeros and ALP assignments will be given for repeat offenders.  The punishments will be cumulative by student – if they cheat once in class A and later in class B, the student will be disciplined for a second cheating incident.
  4. Parents will be notified each time there is an instance of cheating discipline.
  5. When a student has a grade point average that makes him/her eligible for an Academic Letter, the school discipline records will be reviewed.If the student is in the file for cheating and/or violations of the school discipline code, they will not be awarded a letter for that year.
  6. Students become eligible for the National Honor Society after the first semester of their junior year.When it is time to consider nominees for the society, the sponsor of the NHS and the Assistant Principal will consult the discipline records using the initial list of possible candidates (based only on grade point averages).  If a student’s name is in the disciple file 1 time for cheating or other major violations of the school discipline code, they will not be nominated.
  7. National Honor Society nomination in the senior year will also depend upon whether or not a student name appears in the discipline file.All discipline records are purged at the end of each school year, so each potential nominee will start their senior year with a clean slate.  If they keep up their grades and neither cheat nor break other parts of the discipline code, students can be nominated after the first semester of their senior year.  It is hoped that a student who has once been denied nomination will change his/her behavior and become eligible.
  8. A copy of the school wide cheating policy, called the Honor Code, will be given to each student; it will be read in classes along with the teacher’s individual cheating policy.Any details and/or questions will be discussed in class.  Students will sign the Honor Code certifying that they know about the policy and understand its requirements.