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Dress Code

Dress Code – Mount Airy High School


The following dress code is aligned with School Board Policy


  • Students will not wear hats
  • Students must keep their pants up around their waist
  • Students will not wear shirts that display violence, profanity, suggestive or vulgar language or pictures
  • Students can't wear pants that have holes in them. Holes must be covered by a patch
  • Students may not wear spaghetti straps
  • Tank tops shall not display cleavage, nor be loose around the armpits
  • Students can't wear tops that show cleavage
  • Students can't wear see-through clothing
  • Underwear must be covered at all times, this includes bra straps
  • Shorts or skirts must be no shorter than five inches from the knee
  • Leggings and jeggings must have a top over them that covers the bottom
  • Students may not display any piercings other than in the ear. Piercings may not be covered with
     Band-Aids nor have spacers. Spacers are still piercings. It does not matter that they are clear
  • Students may not wear bandanas
  • Students can't display gang affiliation