A Smooth Start for Every Student!

Be Ready on Day One!
This applies to:
  • Families with rising kindergarteners
  • New families to the area
  • Families interested in transferring from other districts*
For Families:
  1. Complete the Online Enrollment forms: Submit all required documents (enrollment forms, birth certificate, proof of address, immunization records, release form if transferring) by July 25th. This ensures our data managers have ample time to process everything before school starts.
  2. Relax and Let Us Handle the Rest: We understand starting at a new school can be stressful. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work such as technology devices, data, accounts, bus routes, cafeteria information, and your child’s class schedule for success!


  • Reduced Stress for Families: Families can focus on preparing their child for school, knowing the administrative work is handled efficiently.
  • Organized Start for Students: Students will be registered, scheduled, and ready to connect with teachers on the first day.
  • Improved Teacher Preparation: Teachers have time to familiarize themselves with new students before the school year begins.

By working together, we can ensure a smooth and successful start to the school year for every student! #MAfirstday is coming!

*Students with an address outside of the Mount Airy City Schools district will have additional steps that will lengthen the time needed to begin school. Families who live outside the district lines will need to speak with their potential school’s front office as soon as possible.