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School Information

School Information 

Location: Mount Airy High School is located on N South Street in Mount Airy, North Carolina.  The front office is parallel to N South Street.

The Wallace Shelton Stadium is along Orchard Street.  The stadium and other playing fields are located adjacent to the parking lots of the school and across Lovills Creek from Veterans Memorial Park. 

The school has a full auditorium with a stage, two full gyms, and a recently upgraded cafeteria. 

The Commons Room, adjacent to the cafeteria and the main gym, was finished in 2009 with an expansive wall of windows.  It is utilized for eating, socializing, dances, banquets, and Mount Airy City Schools meetings. 

The main building of the campus houses History, English, Exceptional Children, Foreign Languages, ESL, Band, Chorus, Drama, and Journalism. 

The Math/Science Addition also includes Nursing and Exceptional Children.  Building D has the Alternative School Program, with Testing, Health, Physical Education, and History. 

Computer, Business, Management, Consumer Science, Child Development, Building Trades, and Internship are located in the Technology Building. 

Wallace Shelton Stadium includes a Fieldhouse and two snack bars.
School Mascot:
Granite Bears
School Colors:
Navy Blue & White
Number of Students:
Date Opened: 1895