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What is CTE?

The mission of Career and Technical Education is to empower students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy.  CTE programs are designed to contribute to the broad educational achievement of students, including basic skills, as well as their ability to work independently and a part of a team, think creatively and solve problems, and utilize technology in the thinking and problem solving process.

CTE engages middle and high school students in rigorous and relevant learning to prepare them for post-secondary education and careers.  These careers may require varying levels of education—from high school and postsecondary certificates to two–year and four-year college degrees.  

Mount Airy City Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Mount Airy City Schools does not, and will not, discriminate on the basis of race, religion, natural origin, sex, age, or disability, and accommodates the needs of individuals with disabilities.


Career and Technical Education Staff
Olivia Sikes
Career & Technical Education 
Twitter: @SikesOlivia
Catrina C. Alexander
Career Development Coordinator
Mount Airy High School 
Twitter: @catcalexander
336-789-5147 ext. 1261
Andrea Brown Profile Image
Andrea Brown
Business/Technology Education
Danna Carpenter
Family and Consumer Sciences
National Board Certified
ServSafe Certified
Garrett Howlett's Profile Photo
Garrett Howlett
STEAM Lead Teacher
Technology, Engineering, and Design Education
Will Pfitzner
Lynn Snow
Health Sciences Education
Greg Taylor's Profile Photo
Greg Taylor
Trade and Industrial Education
Krystal Tyndall
Krystal Tyndall
Career Development Facilitator
Tammy Whitt
Health Sciences Education