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 Chinese Global Partnership Initiative

Interview With Two SAYA Students From China Who Visited Mount Airy High School - January 2017
Click here to view a short interview where two students who visited Mount Airy City Schools were interviewed. The students share great perspectives on education in America and their time in Mount Airy.  

Why Chinese?


Mount Airy High School's 2018 Trip to China

Students From China Visit Mount Airy High School - January 2016


Mount Airy High Students were invited to China in the summer of 2015 to represent the United States in an international leader summit for students. Our students joined others from across the world as they learned various aspects of Chinese education. They were able to spend the day with Chinese families, play sports, write in Chinese, learn about the culture, and much more. Our students were chosen for this leadership development and cultural immersion because of the world class Chinese program Mount Airy High School has developed. The video located at the top of this page is a summary of their trip.


Students will return in Spring 2016 thanks to our partnerships with Hanban, Jiangsu Providence, China, and the Center for International Understanding.

Mount Airy High School Students Travel to China - Discover Jiangsu Program, Summer 2015

Principals from China Visit Mount Airy City Schools - October 2015

Mount Airy City Schools welcomed 23 principals from the city of XuZhou in Jiangsu Province, China. This group was one of three groups of visiting principals that were hosted by the Center of International Understanding (CIU) during the month of October. The purpose of this trip was to expand the partnership initiated in November 2014 and to continue the collaborative efforts in enhancing educational programs in Mount Airy and China.


Administrators and Board Members Travel to China - November 2014

November 2014

A Mount Airy City Schools delegation comprised of board members and school leaders returned from China this week. The purpose of the trip was to learn about Chinese education and culture and to develop partnerships to create dynamic learning experiences for our students and staff. Thanks to generous funding by Hanban, in collaboration with the College Board, MACS was able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and establish innovative partnerships that will have a tremendous impact on our school community.


As a result of the trip, MACS established a sister school partnership with a school from the Jiangsu province and collaborated with Chinese and American educators to create exchange opportunities for both our students and staff that will allow them to experience China firsthand.

In the fall of 2014, Mandarin Chinese was added to Mount Airy High School’s course offerings. Mandarin Chinese was chosen as a language offering for students because it is the number one business critical language. Learning a critical language:


Equips students to choose their future and experience success.

Allows students to become global leaders who are culturally aware.

Empowers students with the tools necessary to be able to innovatively solve problems.

Highlights the district’s commitment to innovative leadership and teaching that leads to high academic achievement for students.

Bridges the gap to turn students’ goals and dreams into reality. 


Business Week notes, “China will inevitably be a major economic, political, and cultural force in our children’s future. We should prepare our students to engage, collaborate, and compete with their Chinese peers.”  Mount Airy City Schools is at the forefront of preparing our students to be globally competitive.  In conjunction with STEAM, students who know multiple languages are able to communicate effectively with the world as well as work in multicultural teams. The addition of a business critical language, will greatly increase a student’s career potential in any field.

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